Blade & Soul – Forgotten Souls Patch Is Here

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Blade & Soul just got a new content update in the form of the Forgotten Souls patch. A new dungeon is part of the new features. Players will be asked to adventure into Stonescale Passage and fight Amasa and Amayun. These two spirits have disturbed the natural order of things. If they are not set straight, the Earthen Realm might collide with the Spirit Realm and that’s something we all want to avoid.

Starting on March 22nd, two new events are available. Ebon Hunting Grounds event invites all players to join. The zone is available all the time. You must go to Zaiwei to enter this activity. In the South District, you will find the Cardinal Gates. Take the dragon pulse from there and join the event. Discover the new auto-hunting feature and enjoy more rewards. The other event is called Call to Arms.

This event gives players the chance to unlock 12 stages of their armory chest. Each stage unlocks one of a kind materials and equipment. Players get the stage 1 chest for free. This comes with a Grand Celestial Weapon Chest. This is also the time to take part in the Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab some really nice items such as the Hongmoon Gilded Pentagonal Gems and more. The patch comes with some modifications as well. The items and several game systems are getting updated. The item update includes a new necklace, belt, and ring. There are also updates to the PvP bonuses.

Players will notice that the daily and weekly challenges have also been changed. The cap for the Hongmoon levels has been raised. Classes have got some changes as well. Don’t forget to take a look at your skills to see what is new.

The new patch plus the Boon of the Dragon event give players lots of things to do. Boon of the Dragon gives you a free week of premium subscription and the opportunity to get an extra week for just one coin. Premium members can take advantage of this deal as well. There are also daily activities that allow you to get extra rewards.

You will also get more points from arenas and battlegrounds. The team behind Blade & Soul is doing their best to give players an incentive to stay at home and spend the time in an enjoyable way.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)