5 Tips For Ranking Up Quickly in Valorant in 2024

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When Riot Game’s first-person shooter is one of the toughest games out there in the market, you know there are going to be guides and help for this, and don’t worry, we’ll be playing our part too.


Now, reaching the top Valorant ranks is no easy feat; it needs a lot of concentration, dedication, and commitment. One of the essential keys is reaching the apex without much effort, which may seem impossible at first but with our tips, you will be sure to flex on opponents after every single match that you play!


Be sure to have your Valorant account active for this; you won’t be able to play the game without it. The Valorant ranks are your typical Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant being the big leagues. If you want to make it to the top, then follow these tips to make sure you’re in the big leagues.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

This may seem corny or unrealistic at best, but trust me when I say this quote. The fastest and the best way in Valorant to rank up quickly is to play with a whole team and have a 5-man squad that regularly plays with you, grows, and learns together! Provided you are not playing with strangers, that is. If, luckily, you become friends with these strangers, then you are in for a treat!


Two aspects are considered when in team play. Firstly, the dynamic between your team members improves with every match played, and secondly, effective communication takes place where the tables of the match can be turned. Now, those are some golden words right there.

Be sure to stack up on those Valorant points, too, for additional bonuses and perks during your gameplay.

Adjust your playability settings.

One underrated and sure method of dealing with issues adjusting your PC, and no, I am not talking about getting the latest monitor or GPU/CPU to get the best fps; I’m talking about adjusting your in-game settings that run smoothly with the type of PC that you own.


Try experimenting with the aim sensitivity by shooting bots in the range or even altering your control mappings while changing the audio and video settings of the game as well!


Do Warm-ups. Every. Single. Time.

It can’t be stressed enough but practicing your shooting skills before every match really ups the ante of every match that you play. It may seem tedious at first, but it is necessary to develop that muscle memory.


Observation is Key.

Be observant. It is key. Watching pro matches and the different techniques that are used to clutch the game can be a changing factor to improve your skills within the game. Not only that, professional gamers also hand out free tips that can help you ace your game.


Mental Strength is key.

The truth of the matter at hand is that Valorant can be a really frustrating game, and a strong mental fortitude is key to winning any upcoming or future games that you play.