WoW Classic – Arathi Basin Battleground Is Here

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WoW Classic PvP fans have more things to do starting March 10th when Arathi Basin is being released. This is the third battleground available in the game. It is also the last one. As we all know, WoW Classic has only three battlegrounds. Here are some helpful things to know about it. Players must be at least level 20 to enter it. There are five level brackets starting with 20-29 and ending with 60. A team has 15 members so you and 14 other members of your faction will fight against the opposite faction. To what end? To control objectives and to accumulate resources.

Arathi Basin is a control objectives scenario. There are five objectives or bases or buildings or locations or whatever you want to call them on the map. They are the lumber mill, the blacksmith, the farm, the stable, and the mine. A player can capture these objectives for their faction. There is an interactive object on each location. This object is a blank flag. Capturing the objective means clicking on the flag and completing the action.

When the action is completed, the flag changes based on the faction of the player that conquered it. It takes 10 seconds to interact with the flag. The player must not be interrupted during this time. After the 10 minutes interaction completes, it takes a minute to capture the location. During this minute, the players must prevent players from the enemy faction from interacting with the flag.

A captured location will produce resources for the faction that controls it. The first faction to accumulate 2,000 resources wins the match. Players start the game in their base. The two bases are placed on opposite sides of the map with the five objectives in between. The Alliance base is called Trollbane Hall and the Horde base is called Defiler’s Den. The League of Arathor is the associated Alliance faction and The Defilers are the Horde counterpart.

Battleground holidays release on the same day as Arathi Basin. This is a system that allows players to get more rewards from battlegrounds. The original battleground holidays have been added in Patch 1.7. These holidays run from Thursday to Tuesday. During a holiday, players will get more reputation and honor after completing objectives in select battlegrounds. Look for the battleground emissaries in all major cities. They spawn while the holiday is active. Call to Arms is the retail equivalent of battleground holidays. A major PvE release will follow in April.

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