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Q: How to redeem PSN Card?
A: You can follow the steps to redeem an PSN Code
Create a PlayStation Network account or login an existing PSN account
Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS4 system home screen/ PS3 XMB
Select ‘Redeem Codes’ on PlayStation Store
Enter the code and click ‘continue’
Note: Please note that the code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed.

Q: Why is my psn card not working
A: If you have trouble to redeem your PSN code, please restart with the following steps.
Enter the code exactly as it is printed.
Check the code expiration date.
Try again later. Network issues may prevent the code from being redeemed.

Q: An error has occurred (WC-40377-1)
A: The PSN Card was not activated by the retailer. Please take your PSN Card and receipt back to the retailer for activation. Only the retailer can activate a PSN Card.

Q: Why is my PSN Code not valid?
A: It usually because the code was entered wrong or the country for the code may not match the PSN account. Please re-entering the code exactly as it appears. And Check the code terms and conditions.

Q: How to activate a psn card when not activated
A: Activate your PSN Gift Card Now! Thank you for your recent Gift Card redemption. Before your Gift Card can be used, it must be activated. Click here to active your PSN Gift Card. Simply enter the Gift Card number and then click the “Next” button to begin the activation process.