Google and EA team up to bring FIFA, Madden and Star Wars to Stadia

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The presentation of the Stadia Connect ended a few minutes ago and the feelings are quite positive for Google at the end. One of the complaints of users with Google Stadia is the lack of AAA games on the service, there are already many such as the Tomb Raider, DOOM Eternal or Mortal Kombat 11 saga, but it is a catalog that pales before that of Steam. But at least there are already plans for that to change.

Electronic Arts and Google have announced a collaboration to bring games from the first to the service of the second. In total there will be five titles that will make the jump to Stadia although only three were revealed: FIFA, MADDEN NFL and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It is worth noting that during the announcement it was clarified that the alliance will extend beyond 2020 so it is possible that in the end there will be more than five titles.


Brand new sports titles

It should also be noted the fact that FIFA and MADDEN NFL were discussed without the respective years that usually accompany their titles, that is, it is most likely that FIFA 21 and MADDEN NFL 21 will be discussed since Star Wars Jedi is expected Fallen Order arrives at Stadia in the fall and then sports titles will follow. By then the 2021 titles would already be on the market so it is safe to bet on the fact that Stadia players will be able to release them at launch.

On the other hand, it was also announced that Octopath Traveler, Rock of Ages III: Make & Break and Get Packed are already available in Stadia and that the gifts for Stadia PRO subscribers are: Zombie Army 4, SteamWorld Heist and The Turing Test. So little by little the Google service is acquiring new titles and will leave us a better feeling when we tell them the last game to be added.

Google left it for the end as a surprise and it is Playerunkwons’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp’s battle royale that will be free with cosmetic elements and a season pass for Stadia Pro subscribers (it will stop being when the subscription ends) and will have a price of US $ 29.99 for those who use the free modality.

We remind you that Stadia is not yet available in Latin America, so you will have to open a Google account from one of the allowed territories to obtain the free titles. If you visit MUTeamGo store now, you’ll find many Madden coins and players products and services are on sell. You can own them at a very cheap price!


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