Final Fantasy XIV – Moogle Treasure Trove

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Moogle Treasure Trove is a fun Final Fantasy XIV event that gives players the chance to get all sorts of rewards. The event starts on January 20th and lasts until Patch 5.2 releases on February 18th. The event is pretty simple. Players take part in challenges and unlock rewards. What makes it interesting and worthwhile is the multitude of items that can be obtained.

There are also some unique items that cannot be obtained in another way. The event features challenges that reward players with special tokens. We all know what tomestones are. They’re the game currency obtained from max level activities. Players exchange tomestones for gear.

The event allows them to get irregular tomestones. Open the Duty Finder and look for the event challenges. You will recognize them by the moogle icon. Complete the duty and you will obtain irregular tomestones of soldiery. You will get 10 tomestones for completing level 50 The Praetorium dungeon. Seven tokens are acquired from level 50 Castrum Meridianum dungeon and level 50 Dun Scaith raid.

Five tomestones are obtained after finishing level 30 Hidden Gorge PvP activity, level 47 Aurum Vale dungeon, and level 60 The Weeping City of Mhach raid. Three tomestones are obtained from level 35 Sunken Temple of Qarn, level 38 Cutter’s Cry, level 41 The Stone Vigil, level 48 Dzemael Darkhold, and level 60 The Void Ark raid. As you can see you don’t need to have a max level job to take part in the event.

What do you do with these event tokens? You exchange them for rewards. Find an itinerant moogle and check out what it has for sale. You will find one in each of the three main cities. Note that some rewards are available only to players that have completed The Ultima Weapon main scenario quest and have achieved I Am the Sigma, I Am the Omega I achievement.

The most expensive item costs 100 tokens. It’s the Namazu Neckerchief and it’s a cosmetic item. You can also get riding maps for 30 tokens. Mounts for 50 and 30 tokens can also be bought. There are pets available for seven tokens. Itinerant moogles also sell Triple Triad cards and orchestrion rolls.

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