FIFA 19 and Nintendo Labo

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Nintendo presented its new cardboard peripherals at the beginning of the year and, although it looks like a toy for small children, the truth is that we can´t wait to build our first Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Labo in FIFA 19

Although, we already discussed what it would be like to play Madden NFL 19 in Nintendo Labo, now it’s time to imagine what it would be like in FIFA 19. In FIFA 19 we see a wide range of possibilities, which, we believe, will cost even more money and cheap fut 18 coins than in other games.

Cardboard goal

Imagine that the joycon is one of the poles of the goal and that it registers when a cardboard ball enters in the middle of it. This would be great in a penalty mode or free throws. Actually the possibilities are endless.

Cardboard players

Did you see that in the trailer of Nintendo Labo remote control cars appeared? Well, this could work also for cardboard players with remote control. In a 1 vs 1 mode, it would be possible to take control of this player and try to take him to the opposite area to score a goal in the cardboard goal (mentioned above). Even this could be converted into a 2 vs 2 Rocket League style.

A cardboard tiny football

Depending on what part of the world you are, you may have seen this game table in which a football field is represented with controlled best fut 18 players with handles. Well, this could be done with cardboard and see the action on the screen representing the moment. Perhaps the screen of the Nintendo Switch can take the markers and emit the sounds of the game. This element would be expensive.

These were just some ideas. Nintendo, if you are reading this, please follow our ideas. We assure you that they will be a success!