PUBG – Weapon Skins Are Now Available

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One of the latest PUBG updates adds a very popular feature. Weapon skins are now part of the game. This is a cosmetic feature. Skins are items that are used to give weapons all sorts of looks. Skins only work on the appearance of a weapon. Stats are not modified. Even though this is a cosmetic feature is very popular among gamers because there are skins that are very rare or hard to obtain.

A new menu was added to the game. This allows players to manage and organize their skins. They will see that the new menu organizes weapons by types. When a certain type is selected, the collected weapons for that type are shown. There are three ways to arrange the weapons. The tier option sorts them by skin tier. Acquired option shows them in the order they were collected by date. The last option, equipped, sorts based on the order in which they were equipped. More details about each skin can be seen if players press the View More button. From this menu, players can select which skins to equip. There are several ways to get skins. Players will find skins in two types of crates. Triumph crates are premium crates. Raider crates are free crates. Both contain skins. Players can also get skins when they play a match. If they happen to find a weapon that has a skin, then they will collect that skin.

The premium crate, Triumph, is unlocked with weapon skin keys. These are items bought from the Steam market. The drop rate for this crate is 20%. The other crate, Raider is a free one and has 100% drop rate. Players don’t need keys for this crate. Each type of crate can contain various items. The Triumph items with the lowest drop rate are SKS and S12K gold plate, and UMP and AKM glory. These four items have lower than 1% drop rate. The Raider crate has a bigger chance of dropping rare items. The skins with a drop rate lower than 1% are S1897, Vector, and SCAR-L silver plate, SKS and AWN jungle digital, P1911, M16A4, Kar98k, and Tommy Gun turquoise delight and S686 gold plate.

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