Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide (Part One)

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The game mode known as franchise makes a triumphant comeback in Madden 18, offering us the way that allows us to enter a fantasy draft against any of our friends (or online players), to fight and become the Super Bowl champions . This Madden 18 Franchise Mode guide is all you need to have the much-desired success!


Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide

To start the Franchise mode of Madden 18, you must decide what type of franchise you want and prepare enough Madden 18 coins cheap. For example, you can choose to use an established NFL list, that is: with real teams, (and thus eliminate the fantasy draft), or you can choose to use custom lists to your liking, and select the team of your choice.

Best franchise strategies

If you chose to create your own personalized team, this is where the real fun of the Franchise mode begins, because here you will shape the team of your dreams, depending on your selections, of course.

How to select a superstar in franchise mode

If you do not know what to choose in the first round, we recommend that your first choice be a QB or a runner, depending on your offense. If you prefer that your strategy is based on passing the ball, then choose a field marshal. However, if what you like is to eliminate the defensive using speed, then opt for the runner.

As you can choose, everything is based on your tastes and game modes. It’s as if part of you was really involved in the game.

In the next part we will talk about the next elections, and tips about Madden NFL 18 account buying, so stay tuned folks!