This Will Punish FIFA 18 for ‘Cheaters’ in One of Their Game Modes

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EA knows that FIFA fans are tired of the cheaters and the people who leave the games. That is why FIFA 18 will implement a new method of punishment for these people.
One of the top concerns of Electronic Arts with FIFA 18 is to maintain the good health of its servers.
To do this, it will carry out a plan against those who cheat in the video game and expel those who are inactive for a few minutes, even if winning by thrashing.
As revealed by EA, now each game should wait until the final whistle to go to the bathroom or go to eat something. Otherwise, you will be thrown out of the game and forfeited.
Those affected will be those players of the online mode that usually disconnect during a game when the result does not favor them. But the measure does not just stay there: if a player spends a few minutes without activity, he will be expelled, regardless of whether they are winning very forcefully.
The punishment will evidently be the defeat of the party. It is not yet defined whether there will be more consequences for those users who did not respect the regulation.
On Reddit’s site, a user who was testing a beta version of the game said that he was winning a game by 11 goals to zero and his confidence that victory was certain led him to give up control for a few minutes to go by something to the kitchen. When he returned, he noticed that he had been expelled for inactivity.

Among the details of FIFA 18 that were revealed a few weeks ago are improvements in the handling of football players, graphics, penalty kicks and even some stadiums.
The game’s release is scheduled for September 28. The Gamescom is next week. So we will bring you the best news about this highly anticipated video game.