Will NBA Live Mobile Be at Gamescom 2017?

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Gamescom 2017 is approaching and Electronic Arts have already announced that they are going to be at the biggest European gaming convention but unfortunately, NBA Live Mobile was not listed as one of the featured titles. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of seeing the basketball mobile simulation at Gamescom. On the EA website, under the Gamescom 2017 section, it states that “some of our top mobile games” will be featured at the convention. It specifically lists FIFA Mobile and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. NBA Live Mobile is certainly one of the top EA mobile games. It has completely replaced the NBA LIVE game that was supposed to come out in 2016 and it has done a more than decent job. It’s one of EA’s most popular games. If FIFA Mobile will be at Gamescom 2017 there’s no reason for NBA Live Mobile to be left out.

FIFA Mobile went through a series of serious changes and some of them could be implemented in NBA Live Mobile too. For example, the old attack mode in FIFA Mobile was replaced by a more competitive version. Another rumor that is spreading among the community is about a possible reset. Madden NFL Mobile went through a reset already. NBA Live Mobile was never reset so far but with the release of NBA Live 18, we might see it reset in the near future. A reset means that all accounts are brought to an incipient state and players start the game from scratch. Some cards may be kept. This is done to motivate veterans and to give new players a fair chance. Without a doubt, EA will reveal more info about their upcoming basketball game NBA Live 18. They have a lot of catching up to do as the primary competitor NBA 2K17 did pretty good for itself and the next game is coming in less than two months. Gamescom 2017 is a good opportunity for EA to let NBA Live Mobile fans know if something new is coming their way in the next year.