Tips for Madden NFL 17

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Hello everyone! We are going to continue with this guide of basic aspects of Madden NFL 17. Remember that this guide is for newbies only, so, if you are an advanced player, this guide may be boring to you. But don´t worry, you can help others with your wisdom in the comments section.
The last time we talk about the rules, the history of the football and the basic commands for attacking. So now it´s turn of other aspects. Let´s start!
Basic Commands: Defense
In defense, you can mark man to man, by zone or blitz. The commands are easy: X player exchange, square hits the ball to avoid passes and triangle does intercept the pass. Zone and Man to Man are ideal markings for when the opponent gives long passes and blitz is to press the opponent quarterback.
Audio and variations
In either defense or attack, you can use L2 or R2 to select one or another variation on the moves. Among the possibilities are varying the routes of an athlete or even the whole move before it happens. This is very cool to confuse your opponent, especially in online games.
Control the time
The clock is the main ally or enemy of a player in the Madden NFL 17. It’s the time that makes all the difference in the game. If you are behind the scoreboard, use the “No Huddle” on the attack in addition to the timeouts to ensure you have enough time. If you win, use your running moves to spend your opponent’s time.
We are going to stop here, but don´t worry, we are going to finish this guide on the next week. Be sure to put in practice what we teach you on this time. See you in the game!