How And Why To Invest In This Genshin F2P Character – Xingqiu

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Xingqiu, along with Xiangling, is hands down one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. And we’re not just taking 4-star characters into consideration, but 5-star characters as well. Even Yelan, who is supposed to be his 5-star counterpart as her Elemental Burst works similarly, is outclassed by this Guhua Geek (Nickname given by Paimon), especially when he reaches C6. If you have C6 Yelan, whether by getting really lucky or by investing in her through topping up or by finding a Genshin account for sale that already has C6 Yelan – then she is the better option.



What makes him so good

His Burst, first and foremost, is the thing that makes him such a good character. It’s an off-field Hydro applicator that also deals crazy amounts of damage. Not only this, but the downtime of the effect is only 5 seconds, as it lasts for 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 20, meaning that its uptime is 75%.


His Elemental Skill, too, deals a lot of damage – and not only that, but provides some form of tankiness as it summons 3 Rain Swords to surround your character which provides damage reduction, but the swords break on taking a hit.


HOWEVER – while using his burst, the Rain Swords will always remain at the maximum number and won’t drop beyond that. These Rain Swords can give 44% Damage Reduction at best, which is nothing to scoff at.


Xingqiu Best Weapon

Do the wonders never stop with this guy? Not only is he a relatively low-investment unit when it comes to damage, but his Best-In-Slot weapon is also F2P. It’s a 4 Star Weapon – The Sacrificial Sword. It allows him to use his Elemental Skill twice before it goes on cooldown and because of the way his skill counts as “Two Hits” means that he has two chances to trigger the Sacrificial effect, making even an R0 Sacrificial Sword activate most of the times.


It provides him with a lot of Energy Recharge, which he needs to keep up his Elemental Burst.


Xingqiu Best Teams

Slap this bad boy anywhere you want and he’ll do work. No, seriously. Xingqiu works in basically any team that’s not something like Mono Geo or a team that doesn’t want to spend any time basic-attacking, but even then you could argue that his DMG Reduction utility is still useful.


One of his best teams and variations comes with Xiangling, as they are the core parts of the “Xiangling National” team. While he can be replaced with Yelan if you like her more, these two characters just work so well together. You could also put her in a team with Yelan to double the Hydro application and make an interesting Duo Pyro/Hydro team.


Xingqiu Best Artifact Set

Considering the best Hydro Boi is focused so much on using his Burst to deal damage and support through off-field Hydro Application, you really shouldn’t be looking at anything other than The Emblem of Severed Fate set.


The set not only provides Energy Recharge as its 2PC bonus, but it also increases your Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of your total Energy Recharge – and as we’ve discussed, Xingqiu wants a lot of ER in his build.



Easy to build, easy to use, easy to obtain, low-investment, king of Hydro. If you want your account to get a lot stronger overall, you’ll want to invest in Xingqiu unless you want to invest into stronger characters, like C6 Yelan, but for that, you’ll need to top-up your Genshin account, in which case you can shop now with U7BUY!.


Overall a great character and fits into a lot of different teams. Like Xiangling, he’s one of the best characters you can invest in early.