Razer Gold Monster Hunter Rise Review

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Monster Hunter Rise Review

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest video games from CAPCOM in recent years. As the title suggests, you’re a hunter who kills monsters for a living. To achieve your endeavors, you need a set of tools that could help you defeat some of the giant wildlife that tends to hunt your village.

To help you understand the gaming mechanics, we should discuss some of the most relevant points from Monster Hunter Rise.

Hunting Your Way to Victory

Many (almost all) of your activities move around defeating immense creatures on a single map. When you grab a quest in the village HUB, you will learn about your objective and possible threats from your enemies.

Although the concept looks “simple,” once you get into hunting, you’ll understand why this video game is so much fun. Many monsters have unique attacks and ways to move around the battle. Therefore, you will have different outcomes with each encounter (even if you repeat the same hunt).

Choose Your Weapon

Besides the different types of monsters, you have multiple weapons at your disposal. First, you start the journey with a Long Sword. In there, you’ll see for yourself how the attacks work and check the monster’s reactions to your attacks.

Afterward, you’re free to craft and check other types of weapons. Depending on your favorite playstyle, you could lean towards long-range attacks using a Bow or Heavy Bowgun. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of close-range attacks, you could go for a Hammer or Sword and Shield.

As you defeat more Monsters, you get different options to upgrade your weapons with astonishing attributes and elemental alterations. Indeed, if you want to buy more Razer Coins for this video game, you should hunt for marvelous offers inside U7BUY. Trade now!

Single Player or Multiplayer

A powerful opportunity you have in Monster Hunter Rise is playing with other people on the same hunt. Inside this video game, you can form a group of four hunters. At the same, you can complete the main story by yourself.

Depending on the amount of players, each Monster will get more health and additional attributes.