FIFA Mobile 10.0 is Here

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The last FIFA Mobile update brings the game to version 10.0. This update comes after the mid Season 2 update when changes and new features were added to the game. Update 10.0 doesn’t have any content additions but it has plenty of fixes and one new feature.

Here are the issues that were resolved by the update. The game offers a much better experience. Those who were having troubles such as app crashes or freezes will be happy to know that its stability received some improvements. There were cases when ad rewards were not received by users who were eligible to get them. This was fixed so all those who can claim ad rewards will receive them. Market search filter are crucial for coming up with filter combos that single out the best deals. Some of the filters were not that easy to use. The team worked to make them just as good as the others so players should use them a lot more from now on. One campaign issue was addressed. After players finished campaign nodes they had the unexpected surprise to see the campaign scroll. This happened with certain nodes but it will not happen anymore. The other update concerning campaigns will make things a bit easier for players as it will remember where they’ve scrolled. A bug that would occur in matches was also fixed. From now on, the possession will correctly end after the goalkeeper kicks the ball.

The new feature allows players to use multiple lineups. They will be able to have more lineups. One is the active one and the other is the league lineup. This removes the annoying player swapping that users were forced to resort to before the update. This feature was requested by the community. There was one small update for squad building challenges. Activities that are unlocked can now be previewed. The update will be automatically downloaded and applied if users have their updates settings on automatic, else they need to update the app manually.