Madden NFL 18 franchise mode guide (Part Two)

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Hello everyone! Thanks for being here again! As you will remember, we will teach you how to create the best team in the Franchise mode of Madden NFL 18, so without further ado, let’s start!

Let’s go with the following selections

We highly recommend that your second choice be a position on the offensive line, probably a center or guard. We recommend this if you opted for a broker in your first choice. A solid offensive line is the key to success in any way in Madden NFL 18, plus it can improve your offense in terms of speed and stopping force, before you stat you can prepare MUT 18 coins cheap from online stores.

For your third choice, it’s time to think defensively. We recommend you to choose someone in the defensive line, this is because it is advisable to put a little pressure on the field marshal, besides having someone to give you valuable minutes to send the pass is paramount.

Once these first 3 players have been chosen, it is time for you to select a cornerback, because at the beginning you will have difficulties to stop the pass, or select a middle linebacker when you are going to execute plays more frequently. After this fourth election, it’s time to get back on the offensive, where you should select a QB if you first took a runner, or vice versa.

For the sixth choice, choose anywhere on the offensive line, and then proceed to select a tight end (if you plan to have runners, or an open receiver if your strategy will be based on the passes). Go back to the defense at this point and select a cornerback if you choose a linebacker before, and vice versa.

So far we go well? Put these elections into practice of your MUT 18 account playing and wait for us next week, since we will continue with the draft!