NFL 23 – Nate Davis’ Offensive ‘Team Affinity’

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NFL 23’s latest ‘Team Affinity’ player cards are exciting additions that boost your MUT squad’s chemistry when played alongside other impressive player cards inside your formations.

One such player who receives the aforementioned card upgrade is none other than Tennessee Titan’s established Guard, Nate Davis, who is a great blocker at the line of scrimmage!

The 26-year old American footballer is known for his hulking physique and imposing strength, capable of holding up to three (3) people at once when he’s at his prime.

In fact, the Titans would not be able to hold down their first-placed spot in the American Football Conference South Division at all if it weren’t for Nate Davis’ crucial blocks and fumbles on the field.

In MUT, Davis’ latest ‘Team Affinity’ Player Card would certainly benefit many team formations, especially when it can link up with other player cards to increase your roster’s chemistry, justified by ten (10) of his best attributes here:

(RG) Nate Davis’ ‘Team Affinity’ Player Card: OVR 92

Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 94
Run Block, RBK (Blocking): 93
Run Block Finesse, RBF (Blocking): 93
Awareness, AWA (General): 93
Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 92

Strength, STR (General): 91
Pass Block, PBK (Blocking): 90
Pass Block Finesse, PBF (Blocking): 90
Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 88
Run Block Power, RBP (Blocking): 88

As you can see, Davis is a solid wall at the line of scrimmage, protecting your Quarterbacks and runners dependably.

For such a strong individual, it is surprising to see him offering this unique trait:

High Motor

From the Auction House, Nate Davis’ new player card here is sold at around the following price, which is quite justified:

PS: 465,000 MUT Coins

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