PoE – Rejuvenating Body Armours for Spellcasters (Intelligence, Part 4)

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Following three (3) earlier Parts of this Intelligence-focused Unique Body Armour mini-list, Part 4 will finally end it all by highlighting two (2) of the last Energy Shield Body Armours which provide end-game capabilities in PoE.

In-game character builds which cater for Intelligence-focused Exiles such as the Witch and Templar should benefit tremendously from the last two (2) Unique Body Armours showcased in Part 4 today.

Mostly underappreciated when compared to straight-up Armour Rating or Evasion Rating, Energy Shield can also provide unrivalled protection when given the proper attention that it requires, even as far as complementing the other two stats too in terms of hybrid character builds in the game!

If you’re looking for the most viable Unique Body Armours that offer outstanding Energy Shield stats in the game, here are the last two (2) that should be of priority to you:


Infernal Mantle (Requirements: Level 65, Intelligence 187)
oEnergy Shield: 360 – 420
+1 Level of Socketed Fire Gems
+25% to +35% Fire Damage
+100% Global Critical Strike Chance
+120% to +160% Energy Shield
15% of Fire Damage Converted into Chaos Damage
+25% Spell Damage taken when Low On Mana

The Beast Fur Shawl (Requirements: Level 68, Intelligence 194)
oEnergy Shield: 409 – 470
+40% Spell Damage
+15 to +25 Maximum Energy Shield
+110% to +130% Energy Shield
+10% Area-of-Effect (AoE)
+5% Damage Taken
+30% to +40% Energy Shield Recovery rate

And that concludes our mini-list series for the best Unique Body Armours which favour Energy Shield builds in PoE!

Do you have a personal favourite?

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