Diablo 2: Resurrected – Which Hero are You?

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With Diablo 2: Resurrected (D2R) finally approaching its much-anticipated launch next week, let’s refresh our minds about the available character classes that you are able to pick from in the game.

Diablo 2 was heralded as one of the first true inspirations which formed the basis of arguably the most beloved ARPG of all time, Diablo 3.

Fast forward to 2021, the game is now finally receiving its own massive remake which introduces improved graphical fidelity and quality-of-life changes to help ease new audience of gamers into the fold.

Yet amidst all the updates and extras, the core experience and charm is retained including the seven (7) distinct character classes available within the game.

If you’ve never played Diablo 2 before, here’s a quick rundown of each class for you to decide upon:

1. The Amazon

A member of the female warrior race, Amazon, this character is a master of various weapons and martial combat.

Her abilities include proficiency in using javelins and spears too, besides archery and sword-fighting.

2. The Assassin

A deadly stealth fighter who excels in shadow tactics and the use of debilitating traps, the Assassin is a dangerous character who has honed her skills by hunting down mages throughout her life.

3. The Necromancer

Practitioner of arcane necromancy, the Necromancer is capable of reanimating the dead whilst also summoning loathsome fiends such Skeletons to aid him during combat.

A conjurer of Curses, he is also able to hamper enemies through the effects of various ailments which sap away the life of those that oppose him.

4. The Barbarian

A representative of a powerful faction from Mount Arreat, the Barbarian is a menacing opponent in battle, capable of brushing off blow before landing massive hits of his own.

The Barbarian favours melee combat above all, and is able to frighten enemies through his imposing use of War Cries.

5. The Paladin

The guardian of the pick, the Paladin is a wielder of holy magic who specializes in a plethora of Aura blessings and effects, besides his impressive speciality in using shields for both offensive and defensive situations.

6. The Sorceress

Once considered a bemoaned witch, the Sorceress is a frightening combatant who exploits her immense knowledge of magic to summon devastating Area-of-Effect (AOE) spells to destroy waves of enemies in mere seconds.

Although extremely feared, the Sorceress does suffer in terms of her defences and survivability.

7. The Druid

A dreaded shape-shifter, the Druid chooses to lead an isolated life in the complete wilderness, which in turn has helped him to survive harsh conditions and allow use of raw magnificent spells as well.

Capable of transforming into a werewolf or a werebear, his unchecked brutal executions of elemental magic makes him a respected choice in the game too.

With these in mind, you are now more informed in choosing which character class identifies the best with you.

Each class has its own distinct playstyle and strengths to learn, but rest assured that all of them offer the same thing throughout the whole game – endless fun in massacring hordes of enemies!

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