FUT 21 – Nicolo Barella’s ‘Team of the Season’ Objectives

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Inter Milan is now the latest champion of Italy’s top-flight club competition, Serie A!


Ending the season with a massive 91-point haul, the club of Nerazzurri (The Black and Blues) came above second (2nd) placed AC Milan by creating a massive twelve (12) point gap on top of the pile.


Everyone at the club is obviously the people whose dedication and commitments have flourished through the club’s blood to push them to where they are now, but if one underappreciated player is to be given a mention, it should be Italy’s up-and-coming central midfielder, Nicolo Barella.


In FUT 21, to celebrate his contributions of three (3) goals and seven (7) assists (besides his intelligent passing plays and unwavering support from the centre of the pitch), Barella receives a Team of the Season (TOTS) ‘Objectives’ Player Card which boosts his base 80-Rated player card to an incredible 92 Overall Rating!


The stats which have massively improved can be seen below:


  • Dribbling: 93(+11)
  • Passing: 91 (+12)
  • Pace: 91 (+13)
  • Physical: 90 (+18)
  • Defending: 87 (+13)
  • Shooting: 85 (+18)


If you are currently lacking an agile playmaker in the centre of midfield, Barella could definitely help you to solve that problem pronto.


Here are the Squad Objectives that you will need to complete first, though:


  • GOLAZZO! (Reward: Gold Pack)
    • Score three (3) Outside of the Box goalsin Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.


  • CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE(Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack)
    • Assist four (4) goalsusing Central Midfielders (CM) in Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.


  • SCORING STREAK(Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack)
    • Score fifteen (15) goalsin Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.


  • WINNING WAYS(Reward: Premium Gold Pack)
    • Win eight (8) matchesin Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.


  • WINNING WAYS(Reward: Electrum Players Pack)
    • Score using Italian players in twelve (12) separate matchesin Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.


With a lot of things to do before its deadline on 28th May 2021 (Friday), time is certainly of the essence here.


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