The Ones To Watch Campaign Continues In FUT 21

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team comes with additions, but keeps some of the old features that were popular with the players. One of the recurring features is the Ones to Watch campaign. This program includes football players whose club transfers were some of the biggest moves during the summer transitions

Their in-game player item cards get upgraded when players are part of in forms such as Hero, Man of the Match, and more. As you are accustomed by now, the upgrades are based on the performance of these players on the real football field.

You are probably wondering how you can acquire Ones to Watch cards and how to upgrade them. Ones to Watch players come from packs that are available for a limited time from the game store. You can get the first team starting with the global launch date until October 16th. The second team is available from October 16th to October 21st. You can also get OTW players from squad building challenges.

Keep an eye for Ones to Watch upgrades when the corresponding Ultimate Team player item card gets an in form. This includes European Team of the Tournament, TotW, Man of the Match, and Hero. In case the in form item has a different position than the Ones to Watch card, the latter will stay the same. There won’t be any change in the position of the player. These dynamic items will receive updates throughout the duration of the 2020-2021 domestic season. MLS items for this program will upgrade until the Team of the Weak campaign in FUT 21 ends.

In case one of the Ones to Watch players goes to another club, his OTW item will feature the latest club until the player gets an in form with his new club. Once this happens, the Ones to Watch player item card gets an update to the player’s new club. If the player goes to a club that is not part of Ultimate Team 21, the player item card will not get any updates anymore.

OTW Thiago Silva is one of the players that are available through squad building challenges. Silva is an 85 OVR center back with 59 pacing, 54 shooting, 72 passing, 72 dribbling, 86 defending, and 78 physical. Hwang Lee Chan is another SBC OTW player. He has 77 OVR striker with 93 pacing, 75 shooting, 71 passing, 79 dribbling, 28 defending, and 59 physical. Left winger Diogo Jota with OVR 80 is available from objectives.

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