FIFA 20 – What You Need to Know About the Shooting Attribute

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FIFA 20 players have six main attributes and a general (OVR) rating. Each attribute is made of several sub-attributes. Measuring the players by OVR only is incomplete. It’s the attributes that dictate how a player performs on the field. If you want to make the best choices for your team then you need to understand the attributes. To understand the main attributes is to understand the sub-attributes. Shooting is one of the main attributes. It measures a player’s ability to score goals.

The shooting attribute is one of the most complex FIFA 20 stats. It has six sub-attributes. Finishing measures the players’ accuracy when making shots from inside the penalty zone. Headers and finishes that are not in this zone are not affected by this attribute. Players that have a high finishing will have more chances of landing the ball in the goal. Long shot is somehow the opposite of the finishing attribute. This is all about the accuracy of the shots that are made from outside the penalty zone. Keep this in mind when you are looking at midfielders for your team. They normally have high long shots. The penalties attribute is self-explanatory. It refers to the accuracy of penalty zone shots.

The positioning attribute is of great importance. It measures the players’ ability to optimally position themselves on the first. Players that have high positioning will have more chances of intercepting the ball in a tricky situation, for example. This attribute allows players to find a good spot and move there. Shooting from a good position will increase the chances of scoring a goal. This attribute doesn’t influence the player’s spot on the field in case of a corner or free kick. Shot power is all about how hard players hit the ball when they are aiming towards the goal.

Take note that this is also in relation to accuracy. This attribute measures the player’s force and his ability to keep the shot accurate when hitting the ball. Shot power also measures the speed of the ball. Keep in mind that a player with low shot power can still kick the ball hard but might miss. The volleys attribute is about the accuracy and power of the volley shots. Players with a high volley sub-attribute are capable of executing spectacular goals, however, this is a bonus. Volley affects the accuracy and the strategy of shooting the ball while it’s in the air. Take these sub-attributes into account next time you look at players for your team and you will make the right choice.

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