Elder Scrolls Online – What is Sunspire Trial?

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Elsweyr expansion offers Elder Scrolls Online players the chance to fight against dragons. There are map activities that require players to team up but if you are up for a serious challenge check out the newest 12-man trial. It’s called Sunspire and it’s all about dragons. The location is the Temple of the First Cat. It was built to worship the dragon god of time. Legend has it that Alkosh’s shout defeated Pelinal Whitestrake here. The temple was a peaceful location for many years. Unfortunately, the peaceful days came to an end when Nahviintaas appeared. This golden dragon is claiming to be Alkosh’s avatar. The devout monks didn’t question his claim. Nahviintaas and two more dragons, his minions, now rule over the Temple of the First Cat. But not all monks accepted his rule. There are some who called out his trickery and were punished for revealing the truth. The players must defeat the three dragons and free the monks.

The moment players set foot into the trial, they will notice the unique architecture. Take a moment to admire the beautiful Khajiiti ruins. Don’t waste too much time as you have a serious battle ahead. The trial has three main encounters. You will face against the two dragons and eventually battle Nahviintaas. The other two dragons are Yolnahkriin and Lokkestiiz. They each have adds and a different fighting style. Yolnahkriin favors ground combat while Lokkestiiz attacks players from the air. The last boss, Nahviintaas, uses both combat styles. If you want an extra level of challenge, you will be glad to know that each boss has a hard mode. You need to defeat the first two dragons in hard mode to unlock hard mode for the last boss.

The rewards include four new item sets that are unique to this trial. There are also achievements that unlock titles such as “Godslayer of Sunspire”. A new skin can be unlocked when completing the trial on veteran difficulty. Those who complete all the achievements get a unique Senche-Lion mount.

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