NBA 2K18 – What You Need to Know About the NBA 2K League

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17 teams will compete in the first season. Out of 30 NBA teams, 17 have signed up for the first season of NBA 2K League. Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic and 14 others are among the first who embrace the idea of bringing together the famous NBA 2K18 basketball simulator game and the real NBA. The gaming teams have already been formed and now they’re awaiting their members. Fans should check out NBA 2K18 and NBA 2K League Twitter pages to find out teams’ name and logo. Each team also has its own website and social media profile.

Qualifications begin on the first day of 2018. NBA 2K League may be a gaming league but it has NBA inspired rules. The 17 gaming teams will be formed by picking from a group of selected players. This simulates the NBA draft. But first players will have to qualify for the draft. The qualification period lasts for one month beginning January 1st, 2018. Players will need to complete an online registration form. There are no regional requirements, the official website states that participants can be located anywhere in the world. The age requirement is 18. The not so good news is that only those playing NBA 2K18 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can sign up for the qualifications. Players will be eligible for the next stage should they manage to win 50 Pro-Am mode matches.

The first game will be played in May 2018. After the qualification period, players who made it will be drafted into teams. Each team will select its members based on different criteria. A tryout event is scheduled for February. The draft is expected to take place in March. The first game of the NBA 2K League will be played in May 2018, exact dates haven’t been announced yet, so players have enough time to prepare NBA 2K18 MT coins for your team. All first season games will be played in central studios. Players will be offered housing for as long as they are in the competition. They will also get a salary. All matches will be streamed and available to watch online.