FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch Review and Verdict

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We continue with our review of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch. In the last article we talked about our view of the gameplay, but the conclusion of our review is near. That is why we will now focus on the content of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch.

Game contents
If you are a follower of our articles, surely you have realized that we have already discussed this thoroughly. In fact, we have made an article for each content that Switch does not have. However, we will proceed to summarize them in the following paragraph.

The content is the most diminished section: besides not being able to play online with the friends that you have added to the list of friends, the FUT is quite limited and there is a problem that we have observed during the days of play: the transfer market grows very slowly due to the small amount of players currently available. This makes it difficult to get the most desired players and the advance becomes complicated.

We have also had problems in the online connection, something that had never happened with other games and the same network. Instead, we have online and offline seasons both inside and outside the FUT, some women’s football competitions, skill tests, friendly matches … The video game, short, is not. Maybe in the next edition, if there is a version for Nintendo Switch, EA include new features such as the El Camino modality. No matter there it is or not, we could have fun now with friends and build good team with cheap FIFA 18 Coins. Also eliminated all the minigames added to the Career Mode when applying signings and add clauses of rescission or similar that are novel in the other versions.