Future Stars Arrive in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode

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After the FUTMAS event and the arrival of the Team of the Year, FIFA 19 fans receive a new line of cards for the Ultimate Team mode. Future Stars comes to our consoles. Introducing the improved letters of young promises. Players 23 years old or younger who are not yet superstars, but who point out ways. That is the requirement to enter the selection of elected. And, if we follow EA’s predictions. We are in front of many players who have everything for a future Golden Ball.

From EA Sports dare to make seers and presage the future of these players. The statistics are designed to represent what would be the peak moment of the career of these players.

And, if a few days ago we already knew that players like Vinicius, Foden or De Ligt were going to be included in this selection, now we know the complete list. Other players like Aouar, Sancho or Alexander-Arnold surprise us, offering a new option to fill in those gaps that could be empty in our Ultimate Team.

The Future Stars do not end up in the community

Although these Future Stars have not fallen well in the community. That is already starting to get tired of the continuous events with improved cards. Since they represent a devaluation in the rest of the cards they already have. Making it necessary to always be the last in terms of letters, making it necessary to open more and more envelopes.

Letters that, with averages between 92 and 86 points, do not go unnoticed. Although it will be possible to obtain some of them through in-game challenges. In addition, fans can vote their favorite from a selection. The chosen one will become part of the Future Stars line. Something that already happened with the Team of the Year, where the chosen of the fans was Neymar Jr.
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