FIFA 19 Update

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FIFA 19 has been, like every year, a sales success. But, as always, there are some aspects that tarnish the game. Bugs, mechanics that do not stop and, in the case of FIFA, servers that are not as fine as they should be. With this new FIFA 19 update, EA is focused on improving mechanics and eliminating bugs. So the server problem will remain on the table, at least for now. This update has already arrived on PC on the 7th, and now disembarks on Xbox One and PS4.

One of the most important aspects of the game, shots on goal, will be modified. More specifically, the mechanics of two-stroke shooting, which will see its variety of shots increased when the ball is received at an angle of between 135 and 225 degrees, that is, from behind the player. The effect of the pressure of the defense at the time of shooting has also been reinforced, reducing the effectiveness of these.

The goalkeepers have a key role in this update of FIFA 19

The goalkeepers, on the other hand, are also updated. Fixed minor mistakes such as those that caused the goalkeeper to kick the ball instead of catching it, the lack of reaction to a penalty directed at them (sometimes) or the possibility that the goalkeeper could be displaced by the defenders in a pitch of lack. Fans now could buy FIFA 19 Players for your team!

The Ultimate Team has also undergone adjustments. The Division Rivals mode has been retouched to reduce the difficulty of finding matches. The FUT teams will now be shown with the same disposition, played as a local or visitor. The team itself to the left, the opponent to the right. In addition, on the team’s direction screen we can now see the club’s shield in the upper right corner.