What Was Presented to Us and What We Received in Madden NFL 18!

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Madden NFL 18, which was the most anticipated NFL game in the history, was released in August 2017 and launched only on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Many time has passed and for EA it is time to shake things up.

It offers players the most realistic football and demands an adrenaline-filled atmosphere. Madden NFL 18, one of the best in the field, came out with an Electronic Arts announcement update last night. We are going to make several improvements in the online game mode, if we are going to talk about the game of future updates. In addition, the game was given a new and new feature to add a special feature, but this feature continues to be hidden as secret. If you want to have fun in game, you can prepare now by building a team with cheap Madden 18 Coins.

Having said that players will make some changes to tactical commands, EA said the game will involve more advanced players and strategies. Incoming update and several bug enhancements in the game will also be made. The game, which will receive a new update after months, brings with it features such as Madden 18 player penalty, coach configuration, attack and defensive performance. With the update, players will get more balanced penalties.
In addition, various improvements will be made to the voice menus in the game. With the incoming functions, the players in the group chat will be able to access all the voice mail messages.

So, do we receive the game that we saw in the trailers? Our opinion is that we do received the game that EA promised to us, and we are very glad that the miracle it finally happened.