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Xbox Live Gold FAQ

Q: How to redeem an Xbox Live Code?
A: You can follow the steps to redeem an Xbox Live Code
1.Go to www.xbox.com and sign in your Xbox Live account
2.Click your account information and select Redeem Xbox Live code
3.Enter your xbox live code or gift card and click Redeem

Q: How much is a Xbox Live Gold membership?
A: There are three different value cards: Xbox Live Gold – 1 Month Membership, Xbox Live Gold – 3 Month Membership, Xbox Live Gold – 12 Month Membership. Microsoft has cut the annual cost of an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The average price of 1/ 3/ 12Month Membership are 11 USD, 20 USD and 60 USD. Buy Xbox Live Gold from online stores is an easy way to get code fast.

Q: Why Xbox Live code cannot be redeemed under your current membership type?
A: It is because Certain offers, such as a trial Xbox Live Gold Membership, are valid only if you have a free Xbox Live account. On a computer, go to Billing and Account Management to check your membership type.
Note If you have a 2-Year Xbox Live Gold Contract, you cannot “stack” your subscription with other promotions during the life of your contract.

Q: What to do with ‘Please enter a valid code’ error?
A: Try reentering the Xbox Live code shown on your prepaid card. If you have correctly entered the code, then you need to contact Xbox Support.

Q: What to do when Xbox Live card does not work?
A: Wait 24 hours and try again. If the Xbox Live card still does not work 24 hours after purchase, please take the card back to the retailer/ online store and ask them to activate it.

Q: Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Status code: 8016a04b
A: The prepaid code that you’re trying to use doesn’t match the country or region of your account. Confirm the location where your prepaid code was purchased. Some prepaid codes can be redeemed only in the country or region where they were purchased.
Note: Please choose the right country when you buy Xbox Live Card from online stores.

Q: What is Xbox Live Gold?
A: As an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can share the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with others while they’re using your Xbox One console in your home. Friends and family can simply create their own account and gamertag on the console, which gives them the ability to enjoy Xbox Live online multiplayer gaming.

Q: What is Xbox Live Gold Account?
A: People who play Xbox One/ 360 could create a Microsoft account free to enjoy Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Gold is the premium version of the Xbox Live service on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It allows you to do the following: Play games against other people online. Get access to demos and other content earlier than Xbox Live Free members. Games With Gold gives you free games on X360 and XONE every month.