A Guide to Lost Ark Music Box of Memories

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Lost Ark tells a grand tale, with huge-scale fights against evil creatures and mythic champions. But inside this grand tale, you will find a world that is full of normal life and hidden stories.

The Lost Ark Music Box of Memories collectible system delves into this by inviting players to piece together heartwarming tales of ordinary Arkesians. This guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to unlock these memories and discover the hidden depths of Lost Ark’s lore.

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What is the Lost Ark Music Box of Memories?

The Lost Ark Music Box of Memories, nestled within your Stronghold, holds the key to unlocking these hidden narratives. Each memory takes the form of a beautifully crafted music orb. By collecting these orbs and interacting with the Music Box, you’ll gain access to unique questlines that unveil the personal struggles, triumphs, and aspirations of Arkesian citizens.

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Obtaining the Orbs of Memories


There’s no singular path to completing the Lost Ark Music Box of Memories. Each orb requires completing a specific quest chain or fulfilling certain criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the various ways you can acquire them:

  • Quest Chains: Many orbs are rewards from hidden questlines scattered throughout Arkesia. These quests often have cryptic starting points, requiring exploration and keen observation to discover. Clues about their location can be found in the Adventure Tome section of your character menu (L-key).
  • Rapport and Reputation: Building Rapport with specific NPCs or gaining a reputation with factions can unlock some memory orbs. Keep an eye out for rapport quests or reputation-gated content that might lead you to them.
  • Island Events: Certain temporary island events offer memory orbs as rewards for participation. Regularly check the Adventurer’s Guild noticeboard (located in major cities) to stay updated on active island events.

The Unforgettable Rewards

To finish a Lost Ark Music Box of Memories questline is not only about acquiring another orb, it’s an opportunity for you to understand the world around you. You will meet ordinary characters confronting extraordinary difficulties, making friends, and discovering purpose in tough times. The tales present a lovely contrast to the bigger story, telling us about the strength and courage of Arkesia’s people.

Tips and Tricks for Lore Seekers

  • Talk to Everyone: Many quest clues lie hidden within seemingly innocuous conversations with NPCs. Don’t be afraid to exhaust dialogue options, as you might stumble upon a hidden quest trigger.
  • Utilize Online Resources: The Lost Ark community is vibrant and helpful. Online forums and databases can offer valuable insights into hidden quest locations and solutions to cryptic clues.
  • Enjoy the Journey: The Lost Ark Music Box of Memories is intended to be a gradual journey of discovery. Don’t rush the process – savor the stories and appreciate the glimpse into Arkesian life they offer.

A World Beyond the Heroic Deeds

The Lost Ark Music Box of Memories serves as a powerful reminder that Lost Ark isn’t just about legendary heroes and world-ending threats. It’s a place full of life, where regular people work hard and keep going. Making these memories complete is not just to add them to the collection, it also means understanding more about Arkesia and its inhabitants.

Start on the journey of finding out by turning the key of the Lost Ark Music Box of Memories and exploring stories that are yet to be discovered.