Best F2P Single Target DPS in Honkai: Star Rail

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You’ve probably seen this coming from a mile away since he is featured in a lot of different videos, guides, and content on the internet – it’s Dan Heng. He’s one of the first few characters you get in the game, and he can be an amazing early-game unit that can carry well into the late game and keep up with current content. If you want to get the strongest teams in Honkai: Star Rail, though – you’re going to need to invest some time and money into them and the best way to do that is through U7BUY!



What Makes Dan Heng So Strong

He’s not necessarily beating any top-tier characters such as Huohuo or the newly added Dr. Ratio, but what makes Dan Heng powerful is his availability and his early-game crushing abilities and talent. He has some great tools to increase single target damage such as lowering enemy resistance, increasing his own speed by 20%, and increasing his ATK. Let’s take a look at his abilities


Ultimate: Ethereal Dream

Dan Heng pierces through his opponent like the wind and deals a ton of single-target damage. It starts at 240% of his ATK and gets to 360% of his ATK at level 8. Not only that, but if the enemy is slowed his ultimate damage increases by 72%.


Then, it ties into one of his Eidolons (lvl4) and gives him another action to take if he defeats an enemy with the Ethereal Dream

Skill: Cloudlancer Art: Torrent

His skill deals decent single-target damage, but where it shines is how it synergizes well with the rest of his kit. It slows down enemies on a Critical Hit for 2 turns. This means he can take advantage of the many other abilities and synergies he has such as the aforementioned Ultimate ability.


Basic Attack: Cloudlancer Art: North Wind

As with most basic attacks, North Wind doesn’t deal that much damage on its own. It is worth mentioning, however, that it deals 40% increased damage to slowed enemies once you unlock his bonus ability: High Gale.


Dan Heng’s Best Team



Since Dan Heng is going to be acting as your Hypercarry most of the time, his team will as with other hypercarries consist of supports who can buff him to make use of his talent and characters who can debuff the enemies to enhance Dan Hengs damage while also keeping him alive. One of his best teams consists of:


  • Tingyun
  • Welt
  • Natasha

The team can be modified to have Dan Heng and another DPS unit on the team with one survivability and one support unit. As always, you’re free to experiment how you will but do note that Dan Heng’s main role is to be a DPS – even though he can be played as a semi-support unit.


Final Thoughts

Dan Heng is a great single-target DPS for early game players You might want to look into his Super-Saiyan form as well. His Imbibitor Lunae form is a cracked 5* Unit, and if you want to boost Dan Heng’s Lunae form, just top up Honkai account with U7BUY. Dan Heng can keep relevant well into the current end-game of Honkai: Star Rail if invested properly.