The Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps Card Game Is Now Available

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Old School RuneScape released a special Boss Top Trumps edition that features 30 cards depicting iconic game bosses with original artwork and lore description.

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What Is Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps

Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps is a card collection that features OSRS bosses. The pack is available for purchase from the game’s merchandise online store. The price is around $17. The collection includes 30 cards representing iconic game baddies. It gives players an opportunity to re-create their past adventures in a new way. Each card has original Old School RuneScape artwork depicting the boss. It also has a description of the villain.

Who Are the Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps Antagonists?

The creators of the OSRS Boss Top Trumps collection have handpicked the most memorable characters. Playing the game will take you back to the days when you defeated famous bosses in unforgettable encounters. If your memory is a little hazy, we are sure it will all come back to you once you are once again pitted against the Giant Mole or the Kalphite Queen. One-of-a-kind antagonists, such as Zulrah and Vorkath, are not missing either. Players can delve inside the Temple of the Lost Ancients and face the God War generals. Memorable quest enemies join the battle as well. The list would not be complete without Slayer and Wilderness bosses. The pack includes wild cards. What will you do when the Evil Chicken shows up?

How to Play Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps

Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps is an easy game. Players start by choosing one of the stat categories. We have max hit, height, combat level, boss number of kills, and year. You will select whatever attribute you think has the best chance of beating your opponent’s boss. This is where your game knowledge and expertise come in. If you know your OSRS bosses, then the game is as good as won. Your boss’s stats must be higher – or lower depending on what that particular stat represents – to beat the enemy boss.

Old School RuneScape Boss Top Trumps Mechanics You Should Know

The stats are the most important Boss Top Trump mechanics. If you know what they mean, you are all set. Here is an explanation of each stat in case you need to refresh your memory or you are new to the OSRS Boss Top Trumps battles. The Combat Level shows how challenging it is to kill that boss in combat. The Max Hit attribute represents the maximum damage the boss can deal. The Boss Kills is the number of times that boss was killed during February 2023. An enemy with a lower Boss Kill will triumph over one with higher Boss Kills. The Height is the height of the boss in meters. The Year is the date when that boss was added to Old School RuneScape. Older bosses win. If you need OSRS gold, check now the prices and discounts on U7Buy!