The Diablo 4 Hardcore Leveling Contest Is On! Are You In?

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U7Buy has opened its store for all Sanctuary adventurers who want to buy Diablo 4 gold! The long wait is over and Diablo 4 has arrived. This is the most exciting time to play the game. Players are trying out the new classes and diving into the content. While most of the players will want to check out the story and take their time discovering the game casually, some of us are interested in the hardcore mode. For those who are planning on going hardcore from the start, Blizzard Entertainment is making things more interesting. The first 1,000 players who make it to level 100 with a hardcore character have their battle tags engraved on a physical figurine representing the main Diablo 4 antagonist, Lilith. It will not be an easy task to accomplish. U7Buy is supporting you with cheap Diablo 4 gold so you stand a better chance of achieving this feat!

Diablo 4 Hardcore Leveling Content Rules

If you have your mind set on seeing your battle nickname on that sweet Lilith statue, there are a couple of things you should know in advance. You must be of legal age. A couple of countries are excluded from participating. Make sure you live in an eligible country. This is an annoying rule, but we cannot do anything about it. Your game account has to be in good standing. You were not part of the group of people that had access to the game before June 2nd for reviewing purposes. Last but not least, you must take a hardcore character to level 100 and be among the first 1,000 players who do this. You must get the Tempered Champion title. The contest begins on June 1st and ends on September 1st. Also, as you may or may not have heard, Diablo 4 won’t have leaderboards until Season 3. The contest will take place before leaderboards appear. It is quite possible that Season 3 will launch in September. Now, should you manage to level a hardcore character to 100 in the allotted time, you need to send proof via Twitter. Yes, you must have a Twitter account. You need to tweet to the official game page using #Diablo4Hardcore. The picture must show your level 100 hardcore character and your battle tag. If you are among the first thousand to do so and you meet all the above requirements, your battle tag will be inscribed on a Lilith physical statue. Good luck!