NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return Of Heroes Has Begun

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Come to MTStacks if you want to buy NBA 2K22 MT at the best prices! NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes has started. The season is dedicated to well-known NBA athletes and to young players who are looking forward to an incredible career. Each player has an individual play style, but they all share one trait. They keep their cool and manage to deliver amazing performances even when they face pressure and stress. The NBA Playoffs are challenges that push players to the limit. They don’t shy away from the challenge. Before jumping into Season 7, we invite you to take a look at the NBA 2K22 MT coins prices on MTStacks!

NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes

The Age of Heroes season introduced the league’s heroes. Season 7 is bigger and better. Joel Embiid is one of the heroes featured in this season that celebrates the end of the 2021-2022 NBA season. We expect an unforgettable conclusion. The best teams will take part in amazing games. NBA 2K22 gives you the chance to be part of it as well. Players are invited to represent their teams in matches played on the City and Cancha Del Mar courts. The rewards are worth the trouble. Quests are also on the menu. Many exciting activities are happening in Season 7. For example, the TKO event. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills. The competition is fierce so don’t expect easy rewards. Only those who possess talent and determination will emerge victoriously. Players will compete in TKO matches. The winner goes to the next floor. As you climb up, you will face harder and harder challenges. If you manage to keep the winning streak you get up to 4 XP. The rewards are enticing. They include skill boosts and NBA 2K22 MT coins. You can earn 10,000 coins from this event. Other prizes include boxing shorts and gloves. Keep in mind that it all depends on your winning streak. If you lose more than three tiers, you are out. The TKO event is available only on next-gen. The grand level 40 reward for Season 7 is an Invincible card representing Anthony Edwards. You also get rewards for achieving levels below 40. For example, at level 33 you get Mike Conley. The Season 7 Ascension reward is Joe Dumars. The Triple Threat Vault hides LaMarcus Aldridge. From Triple Threat Online, we get Jamaal Wilkes.