The 2022 Spring Edition Of The Blade & Soul Fortune’s Favor Event Has Begun

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U7Buy is a secure and trustworthy website from where you can buy cheap Blade & Soul gold. Spring has come to bring a fan-favorite Blade & Soul event. Fortune’s Favor is a returning event that lasts for a limited time. During the event, players complete activities and get rewards. To take part in the event, players have to open the in-game menu. This is a good time to get rewards, but if you need Blade & Soul gold just buy it from U7Buy! Fortune’s Favor rewards can be obtained until May 11th.

How to Get Rewards During the Blade & Soul Fortune’s Favor Event

Players use event coins to get the prizes. The goal of the Fortune’s Favor event is to progress through the game boards. Four boards are available. Each board has unique rewards. You can choose any board you like. Players don’t need to complete a board to get access to another one. All four are available right from the start. The cost of the items varies depending on the board. On the first board, you need to spend two coins on cosmetic items. On the second board, you will spend six coins for premium pets and Brilliant Pohoran Insignia chests. The fee for the third board is seven coins. It is the most expensive board and it rewards a gem chest among other prizes. The fourth board is for upgrade mats. You need three coins for it. It is possible to get more items of the same type, however, some items are unique. When you get the maximum number of items from a certain category, it will unlock. You might think that you cannot get items from it anymore, but that’s not the case. Players can use the reset feature and make all the items on a board obtainable once again. This is a good way to create more chances of obtaining rare rewards. The prizes are unlocked randomly. Players receive the items in their inventories. If your bag is full, the drawing will remain incomplete. All you have to do to finish the drawing is to make some room in your bags. Fortune’s Favor coins are obtained for free from the Hongmoon store. You can also buy them with Ncoins. Don’t forget about the Battle and Master Passes as well. Players are invited to complete missions that consist of dungeons and quests. They will get XP to upgrade the passes and unlock rewards.