Diablo 4 – Baal, Lord of Destruction: Chapter Four (Prime Evils, Part 7)

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Baal’s in-game narrative is quite extensive due to his involvements in many of the schemes that continue to plague the peace of Sanctuary, and Chapter Four today continues on from Baal’s quest of searching for his lost Soulstone at the hands of the feeble Marius from Chapter Three.


Chapter Three of Baal’s storyline ended with him going out into the world in search of his lost Soulstone, going with the guise of his former captor, Tal Rasha.

After tracking down the ‘thief’, Marius, in an asylum in Westmarch, Baal successfully retook the Soulstone – embedded with Baal’s essence – by disguising himself as Tyrael and massacred everyone there by burning the place to the ground.

With the Soulstone in hand, Baal continued on his path of waste and destruction towards Mount Arreat where the Worldstone is located, summoning the dead as his own Army of Destruction.

Once there, his legions attacked all of the Barbarians’ encampments and cities along the way, reaching towards their final destination, the Barbarian capital of Harrogath.

Failing to negotiate with the Prime Evil, the Barbarians prepared for a last-stand while their Council of Elders sacrificed themselves to create a protective shield around the city.

Nevertheless, one of them, Nihlathak, betrayed all of them by gifting the Relic of the Ancients to Baal so that he can proceed to the Worldstone unchallenged, sparing Harrogath in return.

While Baal’s victory was almost assured as he fused his Soulstone – named as the Shard of Destruction – into the Worldstone to corrupt it, the Heroes that had defeated both Mephisto and Diablo arrived to confront him there.

After an epic battle, Baal was slain by the devoted party of individuals yet the Worldstone’s darkness was not able to be subdued.

Realizing this, Tyrael was forced to use his mighty sword, the El’druin, to destroy the Worldstone entirely, resulting in its shattered pieces scattered all over the realm.

With all threats eliminated, all parties assumed that peace has finally been restored, unbeknownst to them that the Worldstone Shards, still corrupted by the dark essences, would come to haunt them again in the near future.

Chapter Five will finally conclude Baal’s deep role in the Diablo series, so stick around with us to find out how Baal is still present even after being defeated.

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