Elder Scrolls Online – Who Is Lady Thorn?

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Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn DLC is coming in August and brings two new dungeons. Castle Thorn is one of them. Here, players will meet the mysterious Lady Thorn. She lives in this fortress surrounded by her vampire army. We can learn more about her before stepping into the dungeon from Fennorian’s letter to his sister Gwendis.

Fennorian is a member of the House Ravenwatch. He is a vampire himself but he is on our side. The House of Ravenwatch is committed to ridding the world of the evil vampires. Lady Thorn is one of the evilest characters we get to meet in this DLC.

Knowledge of Lady Thorn is so elusive that even the members of the vampire House Ravenwatch don’t know much about here. The Vampiric Index doesn’t record much info. In fact, the info is so scarce that, at first, Fennorian believes that Lady Thorn is nothing more than a fictional character made up by the Nords. He then put together some info about the architecture of Castle Thorn that has vampire-like features.

The castle is located near Skyrim’s border with the Reach. Fennorian speculates that Thron Castle was built in the First Era by the vampires of the Snowbrood clan. The builders used local slaves as workers. The “employment” tactic was to abduct strong villagers and put them to work until they nearly died of exhaustion. Then, the vampires would drain their blood and return the body to their home.

After the castle was built, attacks on the nearby villages become rarer but didn’t cease. The raids seemed to have no other purpose than the enjoyment of the vampires. After a while, a mysterious Altmer woman came to the village and told the leader that she can get rid of the Snowbrood clan. She visited several villages in the proximity of the castle and made the same deal: she would destroy the Snowbrood in exchange for Castle Thorn.

One villager recollects that when the Altmer woman rode towards the castle she looked different. Her skin was gray and her eyes were black. She went into the castle, screams were heard, and then smoke rose from the castle just as she said it would. The Snowbrood clan was no more and the Altmer woman was not seen ever again.

All signs indicate that she is Lady Thorn. Her power is nothing to take lightly. Players will have the chance to enter Castle Thorn and see what Lady Thorn has been up to all these years.

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