FIFA 20 Is Finally Here: What Do We Know About It So Far?

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As with all new FIFA games, there are the supporters and the haters. Regardless, players will purchase the game and play for the next 9 months until it ends and the next game is hyped up.

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This year, EA has released some content that should revolutionize the game play of FIFA. With many changes such as Volta, intricate free kicks and penalties there is much to look forward to. The new features will be discussed in more depth in later posts, today the topic is the game itself and the best place to get it.

For most of the audience, pricing will be an issue. Whether that’s because you are too young and have to rely on pocket money or you only have a part time job and your disposable income is limited or maybe you just don’t want to spend that much. Luckily for you, we’re here to display all of your options.


FIFA 20 Standard Edition:

This is the most basic version of the game and therefore the cheapest. With this edition you get:

3 rare gold packs (1 per week)

Player pick (1-5 mid tier icon loan card)

Special edition kits

You can pre-order now and it will cost you around £49.99 from popular retailers.


FIFA 20 Champions Edition:

This is the middle tier version and the price fits accordingly. It includes:

3 days early access

12 rare gold packs (1 per week)

Player pick (1-5 mid tier icon loan card)

Special edition kits

This version will take a hefty £70 – £75 but does have improved rewards.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition:

This the top version of the game and comes with the best bonuses for the largest price tag.

3 days early access

24 rare gold packs (2 per week)

Player pick (1-5 mid tier icon loan card)

Special edition kits

This version, as expected, will cost around £80 – £90 but offers double the packs to the champion edition.


However, EA offers a huge discount. For members of EA access you can get the game for 10% off (any edition), saving you at least £5. This subscription will only cost £4 per month and can be cancelled straight after. As well as this, the subscription allows 10 hours of early gameplay on the full released game 10 days before the official release!

Also, the ultimate edition can be made an extra 10% cheaper if you purchase it through the FIFA 19 homepage on your console. With this discount and the EA access discount, you can get the ultimate edition for £20 cheaper, costing you only £70 (plus EA access subscription).

Note: to get the best value out of your order, you should pre-order so you are sure to get all of the packs provided.

Will you splash the cash to get a step ahead?

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(Contributed by Nathan Needham)