FIFA 20 – FUT Friendlies Preview

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FIFA 20 comes with new features for Ultimate Team. Friendlies are a new mode. They will allow players to take part in online and local games. Thanks to this new game mode, players will be able to play 11 versus 11 games. House rules are part of the friendlies and they can be used to make the games more exciting. As the name suggests, friendlies are somewhat more casual than other game modes. For starters, your players won’t need contracts to play friendlies. They also don’t consume fitness when taking part in a friendlies game. These matches don’t count towards the club record. The injuries and red cards acquired in friendlies don’t have the same behavior as for other games. For this reason, friendlies make a great opportunity to test new footballers and strategies. Stats tracking is available for friendlies. This is a great tool as it allows players to view each others’ progress and performance.

There are lots of ways to play friendlies. There is an 11 versus 11 mode that has classic rules but you can spice things up with house rules. In fact, this is one of the best features of this mode and most likely the one that will become the most popular. Four brand new house rules will be available. These are part of the FIFA 20 additions so they are not available in FIFA 19. Max Chemistry and Swaps are available only in Ultimate Team. Mystery Ball and King of the Hill can also be played in Pro Clubs and Kick Off. The other house rules such as classic match, survival, and the others are also available. Friendlies allow players to make their own unique sets of games by choosing from different house rules or games. Developers hinted FIFA 20 Players that friendlies will be part of season objectives. There aren’t more details on this subject but we will find out more in a few weeks when the new EA Sports FIFA game is released.