Elder Scrolls Online Players Can Now Adventure into Elsweyr

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Elder Scrolls Online players can finally make their way into the Khajiit homeworld. Elsweyr expansion awaits with lots of new content. This expansion is part of the Season of the Dragon. You may remember that this new chapter began with the Wrathstone DLC. Players can now travel to the new zone in the Elweyr province and take part in a brand new adventure.

Here is how to get there. If you want to visit Elsweyr with an existing character, simply open the map, and locate the Rimmen wayshrine in the new area. If you create a new character, you will enter the new zone. The third way is to get A Rage of Dragons quest from Chapters menu under Stories in the Collections UI and just follow the quest. The new zone is called Anequina. It features a desert-like landscape but also lush jungles. Players will have the chance to learn more about Khajiit history and culture by exploring the new zone and completing activities. There will be new world bosses to take down. Dungeons and delves will test players’ skills. Lots of side quests allow players to discover more about this new world and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, Elweyr is controlled by the Usurper Queen Euraxia and her powerful allies, the dragons. The player will team up with those who seek to free the city of Rimmen and the entire continent. Players can use their old characters and classes to complete the new main and side quests or they could make a Necromancer character. This is the new class introduced by the expansion. The Necromancer has three skill lines that allow it to be a healer, DPS, or tank. Buy ESO gold cheapest online for your new character.

Dragon Hunts are one of the new activities. These are world events that require players to defeat these dangerous foes. If you are looking for an extra challenge, keep in mind that the expansion also has a new trial called Sunspire where 12 players fight against powerful dragons. The expansion includes a wealth of new gear, collectibles, sets, mounts, pets, and lots of new items to collect.