Elder Scrolls Online – Eld Angvar Bttleground and PvP Rwards

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Update 21 comes with good news for Elder Scrolls Online players who enjoy PvP. A new battleground and awesome rewards are made available. The new battleground is called Eld Angvar. Players will be transported in an Ayleid world where they will battle each other. This location is not new but it’s the first time when it is used for PvP. The place was part of the Murkmire quest. Players who completed the quest will recognize the location. Last time they battled monsters but this time they will engage in combat against fellow ESO adventurers.

This new battleground is specially designed to make the match action-packed. This was done by placing the spawn location near the center of the battlefield. This way, players will have more opportunities to interact and fight as a consequence. The battleground is dynamic based on the selected game mode. Players will notice that some areas that are available in one game mode cannot be accessed in another. For example, areas that can be entered in Capture the Relic, are closed in Crazy King. The location of the objectives also changes for different game modes.
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More PvP rewards can be obtained. Elinhir Arena Lion is a new pet. Those who want to get the pet should complete Conquest Missions to gather 40 Arena Gladiator’s Proofs and visit the war researcher in Cyrodiil to get an Arena Gladiator’s Roar. Weapon outfit styles are also available. There are three of them. They are obtained from different game modes. Those who want the Pit Demon styles should take part in deathmatch games. The Storm Lord styles come from flag matches. Fire Drake styles are obtained when playing land grab scenarios. Players improve their chances of getting these rewards by improving their performance during games. The update that encompasses these features is free for all players. It applies to the base game so you don’t need any expansions or premium purchases to take part in the new battleground and obtain the new styles.