FIFA 19 – How to Link a Kick Off Account

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If you are a FIFA 19 player who likes to play Kick Off, don’t forget to use a name to record your progress. This functionality will upload your stats on the server. In this way, players can check them out at any time no matter if they play on another machine. However, you cannot use this feature cross-platform. It only works on devices of the same kind. The process is simple. You must come up with a Kick Off name and link it to your console. There are three steps to complete. The first one is to make a side selection. The home and away options are available. The next step is to introduce a name. You can create a new name or select one that has already been created. Confirmation is the last step. Now that you have linked your Kick Off progress you can join a match from another device.

This feature lets you access your stats no matter of yours and your opponent’s location. You can play Kick Off while visiting a friend, for example. Stats linking doesn’t work in the same way for all consoles. On PS4, this feature will allow you to keep a record of your performance from matches from past sessions. You need to use the select existing Kick Off name for this feature. Each time you play a game from now on, the stats will be recorded. It’s also recommended to link the name with the online ID. This way, the records will include stats from any games no matter of your location. On XBox One, you can keep track of your stats using this feature when you play a game of Kick Off with buddies. Make sure to link your name with the Gamertag to track progress for every played game. Those who play on PC can use this feature as well to record their game stats when they are playing with friends. Kick Off got an update for FIFA 19 that allows players to enjoy it in diverse ways. Buy FUT 19 coins, link a Kick Off account tpo enjoy it now!