NBA 2K19 – What is 2K Foundations

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2K Foundation is a community program developed by the company that handles NBA 2K19 basketball game simulation. The goal of the program is to help and support communities that are lacking education and sports facilities. Through the 2K Foundations program, a number of neighborhood basketball courts will be reconditioned. That’s just a part of the initiative. The second is to equip community centers with educational technology for young people. Local communities will receive educational devices for science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. Microsoft will be part of the program as well. They will enter a partnership with 2K and provide Xbox One S consoles and other devices.

Equipping local communities with devices on which NBA 2K19 can be played is a great way to promote the game. It is not yet known whether 2K will provide game copies but most likely the consoles will come with some form of entertainment. The main objective of 2K Foundations is to promote sports and to provide education but that doesn’t mean that fun cannot be involved. The program will give more people the opportunity to try the game and who knows, maybe the next NBA 2K19 champion will be from one of these communities.

The program is already shaping up. The first stage has already been determined. Twelve basketball courts will be refurbished. Local communities are also involved in the process. The first year plan is to refurbish courts in several cities in the US such as Chicago and Los Angeles. The renovation works aim to revamp the courts and to draw more people towards basketball. There will also be support towards organizing community contests such as basketball tournaments. There hasn’t been announced what the second year of 2K Foundations will bring. NBA 2K19 officials have stated that community has always been an important part of the game and now they want to reach out to basketball fans who don’t have the chance to practice their favorite game on a suitable court. News about the program is shared on NBA 2K19 Twitter. Follow u7buy to get more information about gameplay and buy NBA 2K19 MT cheap.