World of Warcraft – What Are Warfronts

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Battle for Azeroth, the newest World of Warcraft expansion, comes with a new mode. Starting 14th August, players will be able to take part in Warfronts. This new mode has real time strategy mechanics. Warfronts are not planned events and they are not available all the time like battlegrounds. Players must obtain resources for their faction. When a certain amount of resources is gathered, the Warfront is initiated by that faction. There are three types of resources: iron, wood, and essence of storms. Iron is acquired automatically over time if players are controlling the mine. It can also be collected from the carts or mined by those who have the mining profession. Wood is collected by chopping down trees. The last resource is a drop from an enemy. Just one is needed so it will be pretty hard to obtain it.

There are certain mechanics that aim to regulate Warfront control so both factions have access to them. The first available Warfront will be Stromgarde. Players will be able to see at all times how many resources are acquired. The faction that controls the Warfront has access to special content. There will be two faction world bosses. Alliance players will fight against Doom’s Howl while the Horde battles The Lion’s Roar. There will be more rare enemies to defeat. They can drop pets, mounts, and toys. There are also quests that can be completed. Players will gain azerite power and reputation for completing the quests.

Buildings are part of the Warfronts. The most important building is the great hall as it unlocks other buildings such as armory, barracks, and altar of storms. It’s also possible to capture a base after a certain enemy is defeated. A base is captured when players take its flag. In the meantime, the defenders can take the base back by attacking the one who tries to capture it. There are also achievements to complete in Warfronts. When Battle for Azeroth launches, players will be able to access Battle for Stromgarde Warfront but more will be added in the future.