PUBG – Don’t Miss the Chance to Get Exclusive Shroud and DrDisRespect Skins

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PUBG recognizes two of the most popular and most active content creators with new weapon skins. Four new skins can be obtained from two special crates. The crates are premium items. Players and fans have the opportunity to purchase them and support their favorite content creator or both. The new items are obtained from crates. The Ghosted crate has Shroud themed items. It has the Ghosted skin for AKM and for KAR98K. The other crate is called Speed and Momentum. It has DrDisRespect specific items. There is a skin for M416 and one for KAR98K. Each crate costs $9.99. Those who want to support the streamers have the chance to get the crates from Twitch but they can also be bought on Steam.

The crates and the items are designed in collaboration with the two content creators. They worked with the game’s design team to come up with these four new items. This is the first time when PUBG shows appreciation towards content creators and developers are open to the idea of having more events like this in the future. The crates are guaranteed to contain the items so players don’t have to worry about drop chance. Each player can only get one of these crates. It’s allowed to get them both but no more than a copy of each. The skins cannot be sold on the Steam market so players who want them need to get them from Steam or Twitch. There is no alternate way to obtain the skins in the game. They are premium items. To get the crates from Twitch, players need to link their Twitch and PUBG accounts. The crates are available throughout June. They can be bought starting with June 4th until June 30th. Shortly after the crates were made available, some issues prevented players from obtaining them. Buyers reported that the crates were not delivered. The team in charge of this took note of the issue and started working on a fix. Players that didn’t get their crates are encouraged to open a ticket.