What Will Happen With PUBG in 2018

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PUBG was one of the gaming sensations of 2017 and, by looks of it, it will cause quite a stir in 2018 as well. The game designer announced the plans for the game in 2018 and they’re quite ambitious. He is planning to add new content or to make improvements to the game once every two months. Smaller issues will continue to be addressed between the major patches. Experimental Test Servers will allow the community to check out new features and concepts before they are added to the game. The feedback is not appreciated but also encouraged. In fact, community’s involvement in game’s development is one of the top to-do things on 2018’s agenda. Players have the chance to test a new map starting April when the 4×4 km island map will be available on the Experimental Test Servers. Another map that is in development will have 8×8 km in size. New weapons and new vehicles are planned to be added as well.

A new feature that is making its way towards the Experimental Test Servers is the emote system. Players should get ready to test more new features such as achievements, friends list, and squad voice chat. PUBG will also get a graphical and audio update this year. The plan is to make the game more aesthetically pleasing but also more realistic. The animation system is set to go through some changes. PlayerUnknown plans to work on sound details by implementing vehicle related sounds like suspension sounds. Environmental sounds such as raindrops on surfaces are also on the to-do list. Sounds to make a clear distinction between guns are planned as well. Character related sounds will be introduced this year. The character will make certain sounds when moving based on the equipped gear and also based on the type of movement like running and such. The e-sports component of the game is getting major attention. Some of the systems that will receive updates are the ranking and live spectator system. Custom games are also in the works. PlayerUnknown also teases new PUBG game modes but details are lacking at the moment. The other hot video game is FIFA 18, which will release new verison in few months’ later. If you want to start this game, buy FIFA 18 Account is a cheap and easy way for now.