NBA 2K18 – Find Out How the 2K League Draft Pool is Selected

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It’s been almost a year since NBA 2K18 officials announced the forming of the NBA 2K League, an unprecedented association between sports and e-sports. Preparations for the first season have already begun in late 2017 and the qualifications started in January 2018. Now, as we are nearing the end of the qualification phase, the time has come for the best 250 NBA 2K18 players to be selected for the next phase. Those who passed the two qualification stages and have filled the online application are eligible to be part of the draft. The first stage required players to win multiplayer games. The second stage was a series of matches during which players were observed. Players also had to fill in an online application. From the pool of players who match these three requirements, 250 will be singled out for the next stage. Those who will not make it into this phase will be notified. They shouldn’t get discouraged as they are among the best NBA 2K18 players anyway. You can use NBA 2K18 MT to get the players you desired for you team in transfer market.

The 250 players who make it have one more trial to pass. The interview comes next. Most likely the interview will be online. This phase is set to take place at the end of February. There’s no telling what the interview will be about. Players must show they have more than game skills if they wish to be among the lucky 102 who will make it into the draft. At the end of March, the final 102 players will be announced. They represent the Draft Pool and each of them is guaranteed to have a spot in one of the 17 teams who will be competing in the first season. The final selection who decides which team players will be part of is made by the team representatives. This phase is just like the NBA draft. Each team has its own selection criteria. All participants will have housing, medical benefits, and salary. They will be offered relocation bonuses. Travel costs and food are also covered by the league. The total prize pool for the first season is $1 million.