NBA Live 18 – Confused About Ultimate Team Packs? Then Read Here!

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Ultimate Team is an NBA Live 18 mode. Basketball players, items, teams, and various ways to play are the main features of this mode. What players need to know from the beginning is that Ultimate Team is based on items that are obtained from packs. So one of players’ goals is to get as many packs as possible to get more items. Packs are bought in the game. There are two currency types that can be used to acquire packs. Most players prefer to use coins because NBA Live 18 coins are acquired for doing activities. The other currency is NBA Points. Unlike coins, these points are not obtained in game as a reward. Players get them in exchange for real money. Packs are also offered as a reward but this is not a consistent way to get them. Players will receive packs when they level up and when they finish GM list objectives and Fantasy Challenges.

A pack has various items that are randomly decided when the pack is opened. Different types of packs have different structures but the exact contents of a pack are not known. For example, we can know that a certain pack type will have items from a specific theme but we don’t know what items. This goes for basketball player items as well. There are packs that have the chance to drop some players. When users get a pack, they can check out the pack type so they have an idea about what to expect. Players open packs and receive items that can be used for the franchise. Basketball players and various other items are found in packs. It’s important to keep in mind that the active lineup cannot have the same basketball player twice. Duplicates are allowed, however not in the active lineup. If players want to get rid of an item they can quickly sell it for coins or put it on the auction house. Ultimate Team is one of the modes that was greatly improved in this edition and got reviewers’ praise.