NBA Live Mobile – Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Cornucopia Live Events

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Thanksgiving may last for just one day in real life but the NBA Live Mobile celebration is available for more than one week. A few new live events have been added to the game. When players open the live event map, they will notice three events called Maze Runner. Only the first one, Maze Runner: Part 1, is available. Part 2 is unlocked after Part 1 is completed and Part 3 is unlocked after players finish Part 2. Each part has 10 challenges that are also progressively unlocked. Completing a challenge gives a reward that includes coins, XP, and one token called gold maze. Challenges pertaining to Maze Runner: Part 10 yield better rewards. Players will get double the NBA Live Mobile coins and XP and also two tokens. The double rewards rule applies to Maze Runner: Part 3 but only to coins and XP. Players get three tokens from Part 3 challenges. Players obtain one extra reward for completing all 30 challenges. They are given one Cornucopia pack.

Cornucopia sets make a comeback for this celebration. The Cornucopia Pack set can be completed as many times as players wish. It takes 100 gold maze tokens to complete this set that rewards a Cornucopia pack. This is players’ chance to get one amazing NBA Live Mobile player card. The pack has a chance of containing 90 OVR Kyrie Irving. In addition to the Thanksgiving Day celebration, the game is also hosting the Fall Festival program. Players who log in during the Thanksgiving Day event get an extra reward. A Festival player item card is acquired for free. The Fall Festival consists of live events and sets. The live events give different types of tokens and starting player cards. The tokens and the cards are used to complete sets that reward 90 OVR players. A special set category called Black Friday is available for a limited period of time. The three sets in this category reward cards that represent players. Fast break tokens are needed to complete these sets.