NBA 2K18 – Introducing the MyTeam Court Vision Packs

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Court Vision is one of the new types of packs introduced in NBA 2K18 MyTeam mode. This is part of the Premium Collection Players program. New packs and cards are available on weekly basis. Those who are interested in acquiring basketball players from this program should keep an eye for new cards on every Tuesday. Each time new cards are added, it’s announced on Twitter and posted on Facebook. NBA 2K18 players are encouraged to follow their favorite basketball simulator game on social media to find out when new cards are released. Cards found in Court Vision packs are a real asset to any team. These players will enhance team play and on court strategy. All players that are part of these packs have two things in common when it comes to stats and abilities. All players have very good passing and scoring. Having these players in a team will surely make the opponents rethink their strategies. Court Vision cards have flexible play style. Players will notice that some of them take control of the ball and go towards the basket while others will be more team play oriented. These players will look for free teammates for assists. No matter what strategy is chosen, these players will enhance a team’s winning chances.

Players have one more compelling reason to collect all players from this set. There is one elite basketball player that is acquired as a reward. This is Deron Williams. It is a ruby card that is used as a point guard. Kenny Anderson is a sapphire card. He is a representative player for this collection as his skills are a match for the two situations presented earlier. Anderson’s advantages are high ball control, passing accuracy, and the gold acrobat badge. Tony Parker is another sapphire card form this collection. Speed with ball rating and badges like one man fast break make him a valuable player. Mike Bibby is a gold player. His strong points are shooting and passing. Court Vision packs are found on the pack market.

So, are you interested in the MyTeam Court Vision Packs of NBA 2K18? And which platform do you play on? Fow Xbox One players, Xbox Live Card will enable you have more fun with friends togethers. We will offer more tips about this platform if you are interested in.